Enjoy the unspoiled nature Vlasina Lake -Full day tour

If you like nature, ecology, peacefulness, creeks, water and organic food, you must visit this ecological paradise. Vlasina lake is a true hidden jewel of untouched nature and the right place for everyone eager to spend some time in peace and quet. The lake is known for its crystal clear water reflecting the surrounding forests and mountains. On the Vlasina lake you will see some rarity of nature – floating peat islands on the water surface. Driven by wind, islands float from one shore of the lake to another, carring the flora and fauna, and serving as the shelter and food source for the fish underneath.Two floating islands, Stratorija and Dugi Del, are great attraction for the tourists. Laying at an altitude of 1,211 meters Vlasina is the highest lake in Serbia. The lake’s flora and fauna are very rich and include several endemic species. The lake is well-known as the sundew (Drosera Rotundifolia) habitat. By
the decision of Government of Serbia in 2006, the Vlasina region is protected as a nature preserve of special interest of first category.

The price of tour: 60 € per person, minimum 4 persons.

The price of tour includes:
- Return transfer from Niš to Vlasina Lake;
- Boat ride on the lake;
- Lunch;
- professional English speaking guide.

The price of the package depends on the number of passangers. It is possible to modify the program acording to the interest of the group.

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